Our Team


Meet Rick. He is the head sales representative and project manager. He has his hand in just about all aspects of the business and helps to ensure that the company runs smoothly. He has a vast knowledge and experience base and the company is very fortunate to have him. He has his MBA from William and Mary and has worked in the corporate arena for companies such as Capital One and has successfully run his own companies before finding a home here at MRM. He likes hiking, reading, and the beach. He originally is from Richmond and came here in 2016 when he fell in love with the area beaches. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and not only looks forward to passing on his skills and knowledge to others but does an outstanding job of it. He has helped propel the company to next the level and is always looking for ways to excel in what we do. If you ever get the privilege of working with him, you will be in great hands!


Meet Phil. He is our superintendent. He takes care of the labor side of the business by managing our crew and all the work they do. He is where the rubber meets the road. He is a high energy, confident leader, able to manage crew members, clients, jobs, and assets. He is skilled at problem solving and being detailed oriented within a team environment. Before he found his home at MRM, he was a retired marine and former Norfolk police officer. He loves to workout and be on the beach. He started in construction at 15 and has the knowledge and ability to ensure all goes well with your project.


Meet Brian. He is a sales representative and project manager. He is our top salesman and we wouldn't be where we are without his determination, flexibility, hard work, and good attitude. He has a heart of gold and thrives under pressure. From tarping a 10/12 roof during Florence to personally buying appliances with his own money for clients, there's not much he won't do to get the job done right and make our clients happy. He was born and raised in Jacksonville and is the proud dad of 5. He loves playing golf, poker, and the church. He has done many things, like firefighting and landscaping, before finding a home at MRM. When he shows up at your doorstep with a big smile and warm greeting, know that you are in good hands.


Meet Frank. He is one of our most experienced crew leaders. He is also one of our longest employed team members because of his good work ethic, good character, willingness to learn, and skill. There isn't too much that Frank can't do well but his best skill is drywall. He is truly a drywall master. He is a hard worker that has been in the construction industry for most of his life. Before he found his home at MRM, he ran his own drywall business and worked in the HVAC industry to name just a few things. He stays busy but when he is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, dirt bikes, and the beach. He brings a lot to the table and we are fortunate to have him. If he is ever in your house doing work, know that you couldn't have a more trustworthy and honest guy completing your project.


Meet Jimmie. He is a hardworking and eager-to-learn crew member. He has many skills but is best known for his demolition abilities. He was born in Houston, TX but moved to Jacksonville because his dad was stationed here as a Marine. He has a great sense of humor and as such is quite the jokester. He is just shy of 40 and has discovered the fountain of youth, as you can see from his picture he looks half that, and still refuses to tell us his secret formula. He has fought hard to get to where he is today and continues to try be the best man he can be. Before he found his home at MRM, he worked at places like Georgia-Pacific and Builder's Best. When he isn't working, he is a full-time single dad of 2. He considers his kids most important but loves to play chess when the opportunity presents itself. He is a great asset to MRM and another example of why you can trust us with your next project.


Meet Glenda. She is our customer service representative. When you contact us, she is usually the first person you will have the privilege of talking to. She has many, many talents and does so much for us it's hard to put it all here. In addition to greeting our current and potential clients, she handles our real estate transactions, bookkeeping, the scheduling of estimates, and payroll. She is highly intelligent, motivated, caring, hard working, honest, and faithful. She has done many wonderful things before finding a home here at MRM like being a post master and real estate agent to name just a couple. She loves Jesus Christ, real estate, people, and teaching. She is a great singer and helps to lead worship at her church. When she isn't working for MRM, you can catch her at church or doing real estate. She is an awesome part of MRM and has helped to get us where are today. She is always learning and growing helping to keep us sharp. When you contact us with a question or the need for an estimate, know that you will be well taken care of.