Get To Know The Owner - Ray Macleod

About the owner

About the owner

Ray is the founder and owner of MRM Construction. He earned his Master of Science, with distinction, from UNC-Wilmington and taught in the North Carolina public school system for several years. But Ray's passion for building, that started with the first treehouse that he designed and built when he was 9, was never far from his mind. While a teacher, Ray focused on building a family home for his wife and his daughter. In 2003, Ray formed MRM Construction as a side gig, mainly working on projects for friends and family. As the company grew and the jobs got bigger, Ray made the difficult choice to leave teaching and devote 100 percent of his time to MRM Construction. Under his leadership, MRM has become one of the most trusted and successful construction companies in southeastern North Carolina. Ray credits his success to devotion to his faith, his loving family, his dedicated and hard working team members, and his loyal customers. In his free time, Ray enjoys traveling, surfing, and volunteering at his church.

Ray's Motto:

"The smartest people aren't the ones with all the degrees. They are the one's that can distinguish truth, learning everyday from every situation, and becoming a better person because of it."

Here's what people who have known Ray for a long time, worked with him, and seen him in all types of situations and functions have to say about him:


I have know Mr. MacLeod in various capacities for 14 years. As the owner of MRM Construction LLC, Mr. MacLeod completed several projects in rental properties that I managed. These projects were completed on time, and I was completely satisfied with the quality of work. He is hard working and dedicated and has never left a job unfinished. I can say he is supremely knowledgeable in his field.

I have had the opportunity to represent Mr. MacLeod in several real estate transactions. I can honestly say that he has always been forthright and fair in every deal and transaction.

Finally, on a personal note I have known Mr. Macleod through his church. He is hard working in everything he puts his hands to. He has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition, and never has a bad word to say about anyone.


I have known Ray Macleod for 19 years since he became a member of our church. Ray has served in many different capacities, many of them quite challenging in nature. For the purpose of this letter I would like to focus on just two, those of summer camp director and director of missions in Tanzania.

As summer camp director for many years, Ray consistently overcame challenges that were daunting to many others. Managing leaders, students, and finances successfully demonstrated his ability, patience, and steadfastness in accomplishing difficult, multi-faceted tasks.

These abilities were demonstrated even more fully when I asked him to initiate and lead our efforts to reach remote tribes in Eastern Tanzania with the message of Christ. Taking on a challenge that many local leaders considered nearly impossible and too dangerous, Ray personally led various trips to Tanzania resulting in the establishment and building of 14 churches.

Ray is a man who keeps his word and maintains the highest standards of integrity. If you need help with a difficult situation, Ray is your man!


I have known Mr. Macleod since 2015, as owner of MRM Construction LLC. We own a beach house in North Topsail Beach, which is now our primary residence. Since that time, Ray has done multiple major renovation jobs for us including a major kitchen renovation, replacement of all floors and stairs on all 3 levels with wood flooring, replacement of all outside decking with composite, construction of an enclosed elevator with new outside housing enclosure, exterior and interior painting, and renovation of 3 bathrooms. These projects have come close to $300,000.

Over the years we have owned several homes and dealt with many contractors and sub-contractors. Ray is easily the best. He is reliable, punctual, honest, friendly, fair, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He does what he says he will. He stands behind his work and remedies any problems fairly and timely. Communication is promptly responded to (usually the same day). He tries to hire only the best workers and sub-contractors, and ends relationships with those whose performance or behaviors are below his high standards.

It is without reservations that I highly endorse him.